Search for Sunken Treasure from a Shipwreck from the 1500's

The team, Carl Fismer, Buddy Martin & Bradley Williamson have received confidential and proprietary information regarding the possible location of a valuable shipwreck loaded with sunken treasure from the 1500's


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Carl Fismer, Buddy Martin & Bradley Williamson Searching for Sunken Treasure from a 1500's Shipwreck

This is a current and ongoing expedition

We are often inundated with calls and emails regarding potential new projects. Unfortunately many of these do not meet our criteria to proceed further. However, every now and then we get some material which is worth following up on and initiating a recovery project. This is just such a project.

 Of the few of us who are professionally involved in this industry there are a couple of us who know that

Nuclear Power Plant and Shipwreck
The Nuclear Power Plant near 1500's Shipwreck
 somewhere off shore in the vicinity of the Port Saint Lucie Nuclear Power Plant there is a 1500's Shipwreck with a cargo of Sunken Treasure. Several treasures and artifacts dating from around the 1500's have been located in this area yet no one has been able to find the shipwreck.

One of my good friends and highly respected individuals in our industry, John Brandon, did a lot of searching in this area. John did a thorough remote sensing survey in the area and did locate several wrecks. However upon diving on them and researching the wrecks he dated  the wrecks to be from the 1700's & 1800's, not the 1500's.

A gentleman by the name of, Booker Turner, who was arguably one of the best beachcombers in his lifetime found several treasures in this area dating from the 1500's. My "adopted" parents, Bob and Margaret Weller even have one of his recoveries. It is a beautiful silver "splash" with the King's seal dating it to the early 1500's. Several other treasures and artifacts from the 1500's have been recovered in this

Carl Fismer and Buddy Martin
Captain Carl "Fizz" Fismer and Buddy Martin at the Helm
area but the question which concerns everyone is, where is the shipwreck which these treasures and artifacts are coming from.

My friend Carl "Fizz" Fismer was recently approached by someone who has some new information regarding the possible location of this shipwreck. Utilizing this information and some new technology made available to us we decided to proceed forward with this project.

We set out and went to sea, Carl Fismer, Buddy Martin and myself. We only had an open window for diving of about two hours before the wind and seas were forecasted to start building up. Once the wind and seas become too rough we would have to scrub the diving for the day. We went to our search area, which was farther offshore than anyone has previously looked. Maybe this is why this mystery shipwreck has eluded detection for so long.

We dropped a marker in the middle of our initial search area. We were far out  at sea and because of the depth I might have to do decompression stops. Because of my extensive diving background the team felt comfortable to let me do a solo dive. Normally diving is always done in with a dive partner. 

Bradley Williamson
Captain Bradley "Brad" Williamson diving on 1500's Shipwreck carrying Sunken Treasure

I rolled over the side of the dive boat and swam over to the marker buoy. I double checked my equipment and headed down. Upon reaching the bottom I had about 10 feet of visibility which I was very comfortable with and could easily work in. I did a standard search pattern with thoughts of seeing the treasure lying on the bottom. I have always wanted to find a wreck from the early 1500's because of the amazing silver and gold pre-Columbian artifacts which I would find. Shipwrecks from this time period were often carrying back the silver and gold idols and jewelry of the pre-Columbian Indians such as birds made out of gold with emeralds for eyes or large butterflies made out of gold with emeralds covering their wings

Unfortunately during my underwater survey the wind and seas started picking up and we had to put this project on hold until after the winter when the seas calm down again.

This is an exciting Treasure Expedition. To Be Continued.......






Bradley "Brad" Williamson - Adventurer, Explorer, Treasure Hunter and Scientist

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Bradley "Brad" Williamson - Adventurer, Explorer, Treasure Hunter and Scientist

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