1715 Treasure Fleet

This expedition is to recover sunken treasure from the famous 1715 Treasure Fleet. Theses famous shipwrecks have been the subject of numerous books and major motion pictures including, The Deep, Fools Gold, and the new hit TV series, Black Sails. There is still a vast amount of sunken treasure to be recovered. Join us on this exciting adventure.


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1715 Treasure Fleet - Recovery of sunken treasure

Currently active expedition recovering Sunken Treasure

This is an opportunity to break free from the mundane and experience an adventure filled with excitement and mystery unlike any other experience you will ever have in your lifetime; because we are offering the chance to be part of a REAL expedition to recover Sunken Treasure. Join the famous and successful treasure hunters Captain Carl "Fizz" Fismer and Captain Bradley "Brad" Williamson.

Let's Start the adventure.

July, 1715

The ships set sail from the exotic and untamed Caribbean sailing on a beautiful turquoise sea which1715 Treasure Fleet Shipwreck stretched off into the distance as far as one could see blending with the blue sky and the white clouds dancing in the wind. All the passengers and sailors were excited to be heading home and spirits were high. Then, a few days into their journey, it came upon them, stalking its prey, a great blackness.

The waves turned into black walls of anger smashing on the sides of the ships, the wind lashed out and ripped away their sails and drove the helpless vessels onto the jagged white teeth of the reefs which bit into the sides of the ships and tore them apart. Only a few of the passengers and sailors survived the vicious attack of the hurricane and the destruction of the once majestic and proud fleet. As the few survivors looked out from the shore towards the great tumultuous darkness and the raging seas they were dismayed with the realization that beneath the hungry seas and scattered along the shore was the vast and magnificent treasure of untold wealth in gold, silver, jewelry, emeralds and the exquisite collection of priceless jewelry of the Duchess of Parma. This deserted and remote section of the coastline of Florida became the resting place of the famous treasure of the 1715 Treasure Fleet.



Queen's Jewels from the 1715 Fleet
These magnificent treasures, the two 24 karat gold broaches with 150 diamonds - each, were recovered by Crossed Anchors Salvage which Brad was a member of for 20 years.
Both Carl "Fizz" Fismer and Bradley "Brad" Williamson are working together this year on the famous 1715 Treasure Fleet. Both of them have had great success on their own, successfully recovering sunken treasure from shipwrecks around the globe. All of which has been the subject of books, magazines, news stories, TV shows, etc.

Brad and Fizz were the protégé of two famous and extremely successful treasure hunters, Jack Haskins and Bob "Frogfoot" Weller. Their success was based on their depth of research and skills. Both Bob and Jack have passed on, but before their passing both Bob and Jack were mentors to their protégé, Bradley "Brad" Williamson and Carl "Fizz" Fismer, sharing their knowledge and skill with both of them. Bob Weller with Brad and Jack Haskins with Carl.

Brad and Carl have come together to share in the knowledge and skill they learned from these two legendary treasure "finders" and continue the legacy by continuing to find treasure on the 1715 Fleet.

Currently we have a couple of Treasure Targets which we will focus on this season.

  • “Treasure Trail”. A secret trail of treasure which only we know about based on recent discovery when a professional researcher helping to organize some of Jack Haskins research, arguably one of the top research, came across locations of deposits of gold and silver coins which he documentedGold Tray in his private notebook. We will continue to follow this trail of treasure to main deposit of   treasure!

  • “Gold Tray”. This made national news in 1977 and was even featured in National Geographic Magazine. The famous “Gold Tray” was found by Alex, see photo, while looking for lobster. Unfortunately Alex was treated unfairly by the State of Florida so he never told the true story or true location of the recovery. Alex reached out to Captain Bradley Williamson to publish the true story, which he will, but after we work the area this summer to recover more of the treasure.

  • "Jack Haskins’ Research”. A professional researcher helping to organize some of the famous research from Jack Haskins, which Carl now owns, found 200 pages of never before seen research on the 1715 Treasure Fleet  which only we have.

For more info Contact either Brad or Carl at:  Brad@TreasureExpeditions.Com or CaptainFizz@Yahoo.Com

Break free from the mundane and experience an adventure filled with excitement and mystery unlike any experience you will ever have in your lifetime; because you can now be a part of a REAL expedition to recovery sunken treasure.

The adventures you will have, the stories you will be able to tell, the friendships you will make, these are the real treasures. This is what dreams are made of ......

Email either Captain Carl "Fizz" Fismer or Captain Bradley "Brad" Williamson

Gold Doubloon Location
This photo shows a section of one of the shallow inshore reefs where we believe we will find "Gold Doubloons".

If you would like more information on this expedition or would like to participate, email: Brad@BradleyWilliamson.com


Bradley "Brad" Williamson - Adventurer, Explorer, Treasure Hunter and Scientist

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Bradley "Brad" Williamson - Adventurer, Explorer, Treasure Hunter and Scientist

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