TV Show and Video Series on Legendary Pirate, Jose Gaspar "Gasparilla"

Brad is currently working on a new TV show and Video series on the legendary pirate, Jose Gaspar, or as he is also known "Gasparilla". This is an exciting show filmed on location to explore the truth behind the legendary pirate and possibly located some of his pirate treasure.


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TV Show & Video Series on Legendary Pirate, Jose Gaspar "Gasparilla"

This is a current and ongoing expedition

Brad is currently working on an new TV and Video series on the legendary pirate Jose Gaspar, or as he is

Jose Gaspar Pirate Ship
This is from the Pirate Festival in Tampa, honoring the Pirate Jose Gaspar
 also known "Gasparilla". This is being done through the production company, Treasure Expeditions Productions. All filming will be done on location and will include members of the Treasure Expeditions Team. Bradley Williamson and Carl Fismer have done extensive research on this legendary pirate and have even visited many of the legendary locations of this pirate.

To our knowledge this will be the first TV show and video series about the legendary pirate. According to

image of Cara Pelau, Pirate Jose Gaspar
This image is of the Island Cara Pelau which is one of the islands Jose Gaspar set up a base.
legend this famous pirate was an officer in the Spanish navy in the late 1700's and for political reasons was wrongly convicted of crimes. Jose escaped from a Spanish prison, along with several followers, and turned to a life of piracy and declared a one man war against Spain. He was very successful and was responsible for many attacks against Spanish merchant and treasure ships. Over time he amassed a fortune in treasure. More can be read about this legendary pirate in our section, "Expeditions" and the article, "Pirate Treasure".

To our knowledge we are the first group and production team to investigate the famous legend of the pirate Jose Gaspar. We have received a lot of support and interest in this project. This famous pirate legend is even celebrated once a year in Tampa, Florida. Tampa is part of the area in which the legendary pirate based his operation. The legend is celebrated in Tampa by a large pirate festival which last for several days and

Jose Gaspar Pirate Party, Gasparilla Festival
Night images of the festivities at the Gasparilla Festival
 encompasses much of the city

There are pirate floats and parades along with everyone dressing up in pirate costumes and lots of drinking and merriment. At one point in the festival many of the city leaders, dressed up as pirates, come by boat and capture the city as part of the celebration. This festival is done yearly in Tampa, Florida during the month of January.



We will continue to follow this exciting project and provide more information and pictures.

Bradley "Brad" Williamson - Adventurer, Explorer, Treasure Hunter and Scientist

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Bradley "Brad" Williamson - Adventurer, Explorer, Treasure Hunter and Scientist

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