Expedition: Operation Cold Water

In this expedition Brad teamed up with several members of Special Ops, Marine Recon and Marine Force Recon, for an expedition to recover Sunken Treasure from several shipwrecks in a very remote part of the Northern Hemisphere. This project was also filmed by a production company.


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Expedition: Operation Cold Water - locate shipwrecks and recover valuable Treasure and Artifacts.

Successful Sunken Treasure Recovery, Current and Ongoing Expedition

Bradley "Brad" Williamson was recently contacted and his services were retained to locate, identify and

Coast Line
The Coastline of Wreck site
 recovery valuable treasure and artifacts from several vessels. These vessels were in a very remote location outside the United States in the Northern Hemisphere.

  Initially Bradley "Brad" Williamson and Dan Griego, Special Ops - Marine Force Recon, traveled to this country with some of our dive and recovery equipment. Later we were joined by other members of the team. Dan Girego brought one of his Special Ops partners Eric. Eric was a great asset to the project and it was a pleasure to work with him. 

This recovery project was also photographed and filmed by Dan Griego and Mick Murray both of who have worked with many of the major television networks.

Bradley, Brad, Williamson on Deck - Brad Johnson
Brad on Deck

To the right is  a photo of Brad as he was preparing for one of his dives. Due to the cold water he dove in a Dry Suit. A Dry Suit is basically what it is named. It is a waterproof diving suit normally worn over several layers of insulating clothing. This is done because of the extreme cold temperatures of the water a regular dive suit would not provide enough protection from the cold. Without this specialized dive gear a diver would quickly develop hypothermia which can be life threatening. Sometimes we would do as many as four to five dives a day. Note: behind Brad you can see the film producer Mick Murray wearing Kaki pants and a blue jacket.

Bradley, Brad, Williamson Silver Coins - Brad Johson
Brad with Silver Coins
Brad successfully located several wreck sites and recovered some of the valuable cargo of gold and silver along with various artifacts. All these items were turned over and are in the possession of the company which contracted the services of Bradley Williamson

In the photo to the left you can see Brad with several silver coins in his hand which he recovered during one of his dives. The coins were oxidized but shined up nicely after cleaning. Brad recovered numerous silver coins and artifacts along with some gold. Many of the coins and artifacts were recovered in rock and sand pockets between the Kelp beds. Given the extreme cold water, rough dive conditions and large kelp beds the diving was very hazardous. The conditions were so rough that the dive boat could not even approach the dive sites and the divers had to be ferried to and from the sites by a small zodiac boat. 

This was a very successful expedition to recover sunken treasure from several shipwrecks in Canadian waters. This expediton was halted for a period of time due to Canada repealing its Treasure Trove Act. This expedition will continue as soon as a working agreement can be re-established.

If you would like more information on this expedition or would like to participate, email: Brad@BradleyWilliamson.Com

Bradley "Brad" Williamson - Adventurer, Explorer, Treasure Hunter and Scientist

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Bradley "Brad" Williamson - Adventurer, Explorer, Treasure Hunter and Scientist

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