Brad Williamson: Deep-water Horizon Oil Disaster

Bradley Williamson was contacted, recruited and involved in the Deep-water Horizon Oil Disaster response teams. Brad worked with a great group of people and the company that contracted him is a fantastic company. Everyone at the company displayed the highest levels of team work and professionalism.


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Bradley "Brad" Williamson

 Captaining research vessels and utilizing computer software and oceanographic equipment to monitor the marine environment

Working in the Gulf

Based on a reference from Brad's friend, Greg Bounds, Brad was contacted by a company to captain research vessels and work with scientist to monitor the impact of the Deep-water Horizon oil disaster on the marine environment. The company Brad worked for is a great company full of great people but due to

Brad Williamson Oil Platform 
Oil Platform in the Gulf 
the Confidentiality Agreement Mr. Williamson signed he is limited in naming the company and discussing many of the details.

While Mr. Williamson was involved with monitoring the marine environment due to the oil spill Brad also found himself involved and responding to the extreme flooding of Mississippi river. The large deluge of fresh water into the marine environment when the Mississippi river overflowed its embankments was extremely damaging to the marine life. For this project Brad worked with a group of scientist who he also worked with in response to the oil spill

For the Mississippi flood water project Brad would captain a vessel to target areas where he would

Brad Williamson CTD and Water Sampler
Water Sampler & CTD
 gather sediment samples for the scientist, obtain water samples from various depths and also utilize his CTD to monitor and record the conductivity, temperature, density, turbidity and salinity of the waters. To the right you can see an image of the water sampler on the left side of the picture. It appears as a long grey tube and is used for gathering water samples at specified depths. To the right is the CTD. The CTD appears as a stainless steel frame encompassing numerous electronic equipment.

When Brad was involved with the Mississippi flood water project he was stationed in New Iberia, Louisiana where one of his longtime and close friends lives, Rob Westrick. Rob is a marine archaeologist and works for a company based in the area of New Iberia. Rob and Brad spent a lot of time together and Rob showed Brad the shipwreck museum in New Iberia

Bradley Williamson Gold from SS New York 
Gold & Silver coins from the SS New York 
dedicated to the recovery of the valuable cargo of gold and silver coins recovered from the shipwreck, the SS New York, located near New Iberia. to the left is a photo of some of the gold and silver coins recovered from the shipwreck

After the Mississippi flood water project Bradley Williamson transferred back to captaining research vessels monitoring the intrusion and impact of the oil spill on the marine environment. The work was similar. Basically captaining research vessels to predetermined locations and utilizing the CTD to record data from the marine environment. We would also take samples of the

Stephanie Halloween 
Stephanie Halloween 
 marine creatures for analysis at the labs. On this project Brad also worked with the same group of scientist and as always they were very friendly and very professional.  Brad worked primarily around the coastline of Louisiana and the deltas of the Mississippi.

The scientist were a great group of people and were very professional but we also got together after work to have a lot of fun. We often caught fish and would have cookouts and group dinners. Sometimes on the days off everyone would travel to the cities or New Orleans for a little bit of Rest and Relaxation. For Halloween everyone dressed up in costumes and went to New Orleans and had a great time. I had to include a photo of my friend Stephanie and her Halloween costume. If there was a contest for the best costume she would have won for her "Clockwork Orange" costume. Stephanie was one of the scientist I worked with and she is a great person and a very professional scientist.

Bradley "Brad" Williamson - Adventurer, Explorer, Treasure Hunter and Scientist

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Treasure Brad Williamson Bradley Williamson at Sphinx in Egypt Underwater Archaeology Brad Williamson Bradley Williamson Brad Williamson Bradley Williamson underwater cannon Bradley Williamson recovered Treasure 
themed object

Bradley "Brad" Williamson - Adventurer, Explorer, Treasure Hunter and Scientist

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