Expedition Unknown and Captain Kidd

Doing this episode of Expedition Unknown with Josh Gates on the famous pirate Captain Kidd was a great experience for me! Josh is a great guy and is very friendly and down to earth and he has a great crew that works with him on the episodes. I have worked with the Travel Channel on several shows and it has always been a pleasure working with the Travel Channel and especially their show Expedition Unknown.


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Guest Starring on Expedition Unknown on the Travel Channel about Captain Kidd

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Behind the Scenes of Expedition Unknown - Captain Kidd Episode

Expedition Unknown
It was a great experience for me, Bradley Williamson, to work with Josh Gates on his exciting TV show Expedition Unknown. This is a great show and it is a combination of a travel show, showing exotic locations around the globe, provides interesting history being a lot of popular myths and legends and in addition explores for lost cities and both buried and sunken treasure. Josh Gates is the host and he provides all this information and his discoveries in a relaxed informal manner and sometimes humors manner. This show is a great success and now has a spin off from the series and I am
Caves Mona Island
A view of the amazing caves on Mona Island over looking the cliffs and believed to be the location of some of the famous pirate treasure belonging to Captain Kidd.
 sure both TV shows featuring Josh Gates will continue to be a great success.

First I would like address couple of questions which have been asked of me. Yes, the sites were real, yes we did stay on Mona Island in tents and sleeping bags (my tent was about 10 feet from the ocean), the anchor was real and Yes treasure has been found on Mona Island and I do believe there is still a large amount of treasure to be found. The only problem is that Mona Island is completely under the control of Puerto Rico's Department of Natural and Environmental Resources and only biologist and park rangers are allowed on the island, so unfortunately there will never be a large scale search and recovery project regarding either buried or sunken treasure on Mona Island. We had to go through a lot of work just to be able to film on the island.

I was also thoroughly impressed with the producers Shawn Michaels and Nicole Gormley, the writer Thomas Quinn and all the cameramen and sound tech. Everyone worked as a team and was extremely friendly and professional.

Josh Gates and Bradley Williamson - Expedition Unknown
From Left to Right: Tom (writer Expedition Unknown), Me (Bradley Williamson) and Josh Gates (Star of Expedition Unknown). We are heading out to dive on one of the Ships of the legendary pirate Captain Kidd.
Even though I was to be there to share some of my knowledge and research about the famous pirate Captain Kidd, the writer and the production team had already done an extremely professional job of thoroughly researching the history and legends of Captain Kidd.

I wish I had more photos to share but at first I wasn't sure if I was allowed to take photos but about midway into the filming I asked and they were very comfortable about allowing me to take photos. 

They flew me down to the Caribbean to be on location for a little over a week on the islands of Puerto Rico, The Dominican Republic and Mona Island. It was a lot of work but it was also a lot of fun. Josh and

Expedition Unknown Heading out to Dive Captain Kidd's Ship
No, not product placement (LoL) - just a fun photo of us getting ready to head out to dive on Captain Kidd's ship.
 his team work very hard to deliver a great show. The diving was spectacular and the island of Mona is breathtaking to behold. A couple of times climbing up the cliffs to enter the caves was a little tricky and the size of the huge iguanas on the island was a little unsettling. The cave system is incredible vast and spectacular. The pre-Columbian writing was also amazing to behold.

Of course I can't leave out diving on one of Captain Kidd's actual ships, the Quedagh Merchant, in the Dominican Republic. It was a great experience to dive on it and also to view the spectacular marine life all around on the reefs and the cliff dive that we did later on in the day.

As I mentioned it was a great experience working with Josh Gates and his team and I look forward to working with them again in the future. I have also invited Josh and any of his team members to join me on any of my expeditions, even just as friends and to have a good time - they are all a great group.

Resort Expedition Unknown
The last day of filming we stayed at this beautiful resort on the Domincan Republic. Definatley a step up from sleeping on the beach at Mona Island (LoL).
Bradley Williamson, Josh Gates and the Expeditions Unknown Team
This is one of my favorite photos! We took this photo on the last day of filming as we wrapped up the episode. You can see Josh and I in the center of the photo surrounded by the great team of of camermen, sound tech, producer and writer.


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