Operation Gold Mine: The Lost Dutchman Gold Mine

The Lost Dutchman Gold Mine has long been sought for and according to legend and research it is one of the most valuable gold mines. It was discovered by Jacob Waltz in the 1800's and is believed to be located in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona. Jacob Waltz toke to the grave with him the location of this legendary gold mine.


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The Lost Dutchman Gold Mine

This is a current and ongoing expedition

Jacob Waltz immigrated to the United States from Germany around 1845 and he traveled across the

Superstition Mountains Bradley "Brad" Williamson
The Superstition Mountians, possible location of the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine.
 country searching for Gold, from one goldfield to another until he finally arrived in what was then called the Arizona Territory. This was an area that was still largely unexplored, full of mysteries and legends and home of the Apache Indian.

Jacob Waltz was destined to go from a life of relative obscurity to being credited with finding one of the world's richest goldfields. Jacob Waltz did exist and he did find gold, this has been well documented. For over a hundred years the question that has driven many people to dedicate their life in search of and others to invest millions is: WHERE was his rich vein of gold. It appears to be a secret that he inadvertently took to the grave with him, leaving us with only a few clues to the location of his gold.

The clues include tales of him leaving town at night and eluding followers only to return with sacks full of gold, a deathbed confession of the location of the mine, mysterious stone maps, abandoned mining operations from the conquistadors and terrifying tales of Apache spirits. Through the years Jacob Waltz would become known as the "Dutchman" and his mine would go down in legend as the "Lost Dutchman Gold Mine".

Jacob Waltz's name appears on several mining claims in the Bradshaw Mountains. His name also appears on the 1864 territorial census for the Arizona Territory and his name is listed on a petition to territorial governor John N. Goodwin to create a militia to control the predatory raids of the Indians in the Bradshaw Mountains. Jacob finally moved to Salt River Valley in 1868 and filed a homestead claim of 160 acres on the north bank of the Salt River.

Gold Miner and Bradley Williamson
Bradley "Brad" Williamson in the Superstition Mountains with Ron Feldman who is a famous authority on the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine
With all the documented evidence of Jacob Waltz's it becomes obvious that he did exist and is not the creation of some mystery writer's imagination. A search of any of the courthouse records listed above and the census records for the states and territories that he lived in should put to rest any doubts about his existence.

Weak and feeble with old age Jacob revealed the location of his secret supply of gold to his caregiver Mrs. Julia Thomas and a friend of his Rhiney Petrash. Pointing a shaking hand to the East he said, "Years ago I found a rich ledge of gold near those mountains." Through the window and off in the distance towards the east loomed the Superstition Mountains.

Jacob also stated, "There is plenty of gold there for everyone and that it doesn't require much digging." He continued, "The ledge is eighteen inches wide with pure gold high on a ledge above a gulch and it is well concealed by brush. He knew that it was well hidden so that someone would not accidentally find it and the area of the ledge was susceptible to savage surprise attacks by the Apaches. Jacob promised that he would take them to his secret goldmine but that they would have to wait till Fall because in the summer temperatures were often a searing 110 degrees. Unfortunately, Jacob did not last until the fall he became sicker and bedridden and eventually died October 25th, 1891. Upon going through some of his belongings they found a box under his bed. Opening the box Julia and Rhiney found it to be full of chunks of quartz sparkling with gold.

Bradley "Brad" Williamson has extensive information regarding the possible location of the legendary "Lost Dutchman Gold Mine and has traveled extensively throughout the Superstition Mountains of Arizona. This is a current and ongoing expedition for find the legendary lost gold mine.

If you would like more informaiton on this expedition or would like to participate, email: Brad@BradleyWilliamson.Com



Bradley "Brad" Williamson - Adventurer, Explorer, Treasure Hunter and Scientist

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Bradley "Brad" Williamson - Adventurer, Explorer, Treasure Hunter and Scientist

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