Future of Medicine Conference

The Future of Medicine Conference is a great event where many of the leaders in the fields of medicine and medical research come together to present some of their discoveries, discuss amongst their piers some of the work and research they are doing and help others by sharing some of their breakthroughs.


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Future of Medicine Conference and Bradley Williamson

Bradley Williamson recently has been lucky to be invited every year to the conference. At the recent conference some of the guest and presenters were the CEO of Scripps Medical Research Institute, Max

Bradley Williamson Medical
Bradley Williamson with his friend and mentor Dr. Chandra.
 Planck Neurological Institute, The director of the Cleveland Medical Clinic, etc. Brad was lucky to be invited by one of his friends and mentors Dr. Chandra. Some of the material covered was fascinating. Max Planck was able, through their electron microscope, to magnify one of the spikes on the dendrites of a neuron from the brain and actually show how memories are formed in the brain. Of course it was amazing to watch as a brain was actually learning and being able to see one of the spikes on a dendrite light up to store a memory. One of Brad's friends is working at Scripps Medical Research and the lab she is working in is focused on this procedure.

Another area of discussion was the current research which is being done to radically extend life while maintaining a youthful and healthy life style. This area of research has recently been a large focus by the medical community and researchers. Even the director from the Cleveland Medical Clinic stated that within the next 8 years he expects the lifespan to increase to 165 with a quality of health similar to someone who is in their late 30s to early 40s.

One of the areas of research which shows a lot of promise is the work being done with telomeres and the enzyme telomerase. A lot of this work is being done with TERT, modified messenger RNAs (mRNAs), possible pharmaceutical approaches, etc. Scientist through using some of the techniques mentioned above have been able to break the Hayflick Limit which until recently was thought to be impossible. Scientist have been able to literally immortalize human cells in vitro and regress many of the signs of aging in the mice which they have been using in their experiments..




Bradley "Brad" Williamson - Adventurer, Explorer, Treasure Hunter and Scientist

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Bradley "Brad" Williamson - Adventurer, Explorer, Treasure Hunter and Scientist

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