Photos from Expeditions, Adventures and Searches for Lost and Sunken Treasure

Below are photos from Bradley "Brad" Williamson's expeditions, adventures and searches for Lost and Sunken Treasure. Please use the drop down menu to view the many different photo albums. Some of the Albums are: Treasure (Images of Treasure), Bradley "Brad" Williamson (Personal Photos), Expedition Cold Water (International Treasure Recovery), Expedition Seahorse (Recovery of Sunken Treasure), Expedition Gold Mine (Lost Dutchman Gold Mine), Expedition 1715 Fleet (Recovery of Sunken Treasure on 1715 Treasure Fleet), Misc. Expeditions (Photos From Several Treasure Hunts), Adventures ( Photos of Brad's Adventures Around the World)


Photo Gallery


Photos of the current and up coming Expeditions and Adventures.

In this section there are some photos from many of the expeditions and adventures. We are constantly adding more photos to some of the current sections and adding new sections of photos for some of our new and up coming expeditions. Some of the current sections are:

TREASURE: These are photos of real recovered treasure

BRADLEY "BRAD" WILLIAMSON: Photos of the Life, Adventures and Expeditions of Brad

EXPEDITION: PROJECT COLD WATER - These are photos of an expedition where Bradley, Brad, Williamson teamed up with members of the Special Ops group Marine Recon & Marine Force Recon. The team traveled internationally to recover treasure from a location in the extreme Northern hemisphere.

EXPEDITION: PROJECT SEAHORSE - This is an ongoing project to recover a cargo of historically valuable coins and gold coins from a US merchant vessel which sank during a storm.

EXPEDITION: PROJECT GOLD MINE - Photos from an expedition by Brad Williamson into the legendary and mysterious Superstition Mountains which is believed to be the location of the famous "Lost Dutchman Gold Mine".

EXPEDITION: PROJECT 1715 FLEET - This is an ongoing project to recover some of the vast sunken treasure from the fleet of Spanish galleons which sank carrying a vast treasure and the famous "Queen's Jewels". Bradley Williamson has recovered large amounts of treasure from these sunken galleons including Gold Doubloons, Silver Pieces of Eight, Gold Jewelry, K'ang Hsi porcelain, valuable historical artifacts, etc.

EXPEDITION: MISCELLANEOUS - These are some miscellaneous photos from some of the expeditions such as projects in the Bahamas, the search for the San Jose in Columbia, S.A., the search for the missing galleon of the 1733 fleet the San Fernando, etc. There are many more photos we will be adding to this section.

ADVENTURES - Photos from many of Brad's travels and adventures around the globe, Forbidden City in China, Pyramids of Egypt, Ancient Mayan Cities, Ground Zero at Hiroshima Japan, etc.


Bradley "Brad" Williamson - Adventurer, Explorer, Treasure Hunter and Scientist

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Bradley "Brad" Williamson - Adventurer, Explorer, Treasure Hunter and Scientist