The Projects of Bradley "Brad" Williamson

Captaining Research Vessels in the Gulf for the scientist monitoring the marine environment from the damages to the marine life from the Deep-water Horizon oil disaster to the philanthropic endeavors of Brad Williamson


Life Motto:

Warrior Creed

bradley-williamson-logoWherever I go, everyone is a little bit safer because I am there. Wherever I am, anyone in need has a friend. Whenever I retun home, everyone is happy I am there.

Professor Humphrey

Life Motto:

Follow Your Dream

Bradley Williamson Logo"Follow Your Dream" was the motto of my adopted father and mentor and I continue to live by it. Insisto Vestri Somnium (Latin: Follow Your Dream)

Bob "Frogfoot" Weller

Life Motto:

Live Life - No Regrets

bradley-williamson-logoDon't Live in Fear. You have one chance at life so live it to the fullest.Sky Dive, Scuba Dive, Run with the Bulls, etc. Live Life - No Regrets

Bradley "Brad" Williamson

Below are links to some of Bradley "Brad" Williamson's Projects: Click on title to view.

Emergency Response to the Deep-water Horizon Oil Disaster

Mr. Williamson was contacted to captain research vessels in Gulf of Mexico in response to the Deep-water Horizon oil disaster. Brad worked and is still working with marine scientist monitoring and recording the damage and intrusion of toxins into the delicate marine environment.

Project Outreach

Project Outreach is Bradley "Brad" Williamson's efforts to reach out and help those in need.

Project "Green Technology"

Bradley "Brad" Williamson is currently involved in and working with renewable energy and "Green Technology" that is currently available for use immediately.

Metallurgical Coal Business in Western Virginia

Mr. Williamson is currently involved and part of a large metallurgical coal deal in West Virginia. This is an extensive deposit of metallurgical coal and an extremely profitable business project.








Bradley "Brad" Williamson - Adventurer, Explorer and Treasure Hunter

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Bradley "Brad" Williamson - Adventurer, Explorer, Treasure Hunter and Scientist