Expedition: Operation Seahorse

This expedition is the ongoing quest to locate and recover treasure from a U.S. Merchant vessel which sank with a cargo of gold coins and rare and extremely valuable early American coins.


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Expedition: Operation Seahorse - locate shipwreck and recover valuable Treasure and Artifacts.

Currently active and ongoing Treasure Expedition

This is an ongoing expedition to locate and recover the valuable cargo of a US merchant vessel which sank around 1800. This vessel was in route to a city along the Southeast coast of the United States.

Bradley Williamson view of Wreck Site
Brad's view of the Wreck Site from the  lighthouse
Unfortunately the vessel encountered a very powerful Northeaster storm while in route and was unable to make its port of destination and was blown south.

The vessel was trying to reach an alternate port for safety but do to damage sustained from the storm it was hard to navigate the vessel. Unfortunately the vessel foundered on an offshore breaker where it sustained further damage and upon clearing the breaker the vessel sank rapidly in a sheltered channel. She sank quickly and intact before any recovery of the extremely valuable cargo of gold and early American coins could be recovered from the vessel.

The research for this project was provided in a joint venture of Dr. Lyon and his protégé Mark Allender. Dr. Lyon is recognized as the highest regarded archival researcher and historian in the US. Dr. Lyon was the person who provided Mel Fisher with the historical research and archival information used to locate the famous sunken Spanish treasure galleon, the Atocha worth over 600 Million (600,000,000.00). Bradley "Brad" Williamson has known Dr. Lyon for over twenty

Bradley "Brad" Williamson at Helm with Crew - Brad Johnson
Brad at helm with Rick and Crew and Magnetometer
 years through his "adopted" parents and mentors Bob and Margaret Weller.

Rick Horgan was contracted to do the remote sensing using a cesium magnetometer to locate any anomalies which are used to locate shipwrecks. Rick Horgan is recognized as one of the leaders in remote sensing and his services were utilized to locate and oversee the location of all the missing pieces of the wreckage of the Space Shuttle and the infamous TWA flight. Rick Horgan also located John F. Kennedy Jr's plane

Sea Hunt on Site
Recovery Vessel - on Site
when in crashed into the ocean. Mr. Horgan also works extensively with our military, NOAA and other branches of the government.

This shipwreck project is a great project and has a lot of benefits not found in other shipwreck projects which makes this a very unique and valuable shipwreck project.

Some of the outstanding merits of this project are:

  • This is a U.S. Merchant vessel so we do not have to deal with any foreign governments.
  • Has a documented cargo of extremely valuable coins.
  • There are no legal entanglements with the military because this was not a military vessel and did not carry any cannons on board.
  • The wreck site is outside State Territorial waters so we do not have to deal with many of the State regulatory agencies.
  • The wreck is located within 30 feet of water so there is no need for deep or decompression diving. Therefore our costs are less and our risk factor is greatly reduced.
  • Based on all the research there are no possible claims by insurance companies to the wreck or the cargo.
  • A very conservative estimate of the value of the cargo of Gold and rare early Ameriacn coins is 28 Million.
  • These are just a few of the merits of this project.

Since this is an ongoing project dealing with confidential and proprietary information regarding the location of an extremely valuable cargo of gold coins and rare and valuable early American coins we cannot provide further information till the completion of the expedition and the recovery of the valuable cargo of gold and rare early American coins.

If you would like more information on this expedition or would like to participate, email: Brad@BradleyWilliamson.Com


Bradley "Brad" Williamson - Adventurer, Explorer, Treasure Hunter and Scientist

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Bradley "Brad" Williamson - Adventurer, Explorer, Treasure Hunter and Scientist

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