Learn to Find Sunken Treasure and Dive on 2 Spanish Treasure Galleons

Learn how to find Sunken Treasure and dive on 2 Spanish Treasure Galleons. Based in the tropical Florida Keys, renowned for diving, we present a rare and limited workshop teaching how to locate sunken treasure, obtain funding for your treasure recovery project, how to recovery and preserve the treasure and artifacts followed by dives on 2 Spanish Galleons of the famous 1733 Treasure Fleet.


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  • Learn to Find Sunken Treasure!!

  • Morning workshop will teach you how to find sunken treasure, recover treasure,
    Under Water Cannon
    One of the attendees, Kevin, next to underwater cannon from shipwreck of Spanish treasure galleon
     obtain funding for recovering treasure, etc. then afternoon dive on 2 Spanish galleons from the historic 1733 Treasure Fleet in the tropical Florida Keys

  • Presented by famous and successful treasure hunters, Capt. Carl "Fizz" Fismer and Capt. Bradley "Brad" Williamson who have over 60 years of combined experience finding and recovering lost and sunken treasure. Carl Fismer was the star of the TV show Treasure Divers and Bradley Williamson was an advisor on the motion picture Fools Gold with Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson and also stared on a couple TV shows including the recent episode of the Travel Channel's, Expedition Unknown with Joshua Gates.

  • All attendees will receive a workbook covering all the material in the workshop and a certificate signed by both Captain Carl Fismer and Captain Bradley Williamson.

  • Limited to 20 attendees! per Class

Response from Attendees
Celebrating with Attendees 
Attendee Robert in center with his father and Carl and Brad on the sides. Celebrating after diving on Spanish Treasure Galleons

"I have read countless books on sunken treasure and the ships and men that carried it across the oceans.  Brad and Carl make it come alive and show you first hand the academic and technical aspects of locating and examining sunken treasures.  Then... they make the classroom come alive and take you out on actual Galleons and show you what they actually look like today and walk you through the history while in the water.  This was a dream come true, and you will not find any like dive trips out there at this value.  Brad and Carl are people you just read about in books and this was my chance to actually learn from them and dive with them over something most people will only read about.  I will sign up every chance I get!"

Robert Calamia

Bradley Williamson Under Water Cannon
Captain Bradley "Brad" Williamson free diving down to one of the cannon of a Spanish treasure galleon. Just one of our treasure shipwreck sites.


Carl Fismer and Attendee
Captain Carl "Fizz" Fismer at the same cannon with one of our workshop attendees, Allison.











Bradley Williamson Sunken Treasure Class Photo 
This photo is of one of our classes after a day of diving on several Spanish Treasure Galleons

NOTE: Mark Littleton with his company Scubawize oversees and handles all our bookings. For more information visit: https://www.scubawize.com/scuba-wize-store-islamorada-florida

Bradley Williamson and Carl With Students
Brad and Carl celebrating with attendees after sunken treasure seminar and Spanish galleon dives.

Note: Groups of four or more can pick the day they want to go, otherwise it will be the third Saturday of each month. (9:00 am Classes followed by 1:00 pm Boat Departure - 2 tank dive, (snorkelers welcome)

Location:    9:00 AM workshops at Islamorada Jewelers (Classes amid displays of recovered sunken treasure and artifacts) 81915 Overseas Highway, Islamorada, FL 33036 (305) 664-0062 1:00 PM boat departure at Capt. Slate's Scuba Adventures 90791 Old Highway - Unit 1, Tavernier, FL 33070 (800) 331- 3483

For More Information and Purchasing

Sunken Treasure Workshop Overview
Scuba Adventures
Capt. Slate's Scuba Adventures Dive shop in Florida Keys

The day will start at 9:00 AM at Islamorada Jewelers where the attendees will have their classroom courses amid a display of recovered sunken treasure and artifacts, much of which Carl Fismer and Bradley Williamson have recovered. The first session will be about historic and current sunken treasure recovery projects. The next session will cover information on how to decide on a sunken treasure

Bradley Williamson 
Captain Bradley Williamson 
recovery project based on factors such as cargo, dive conditions, legal regulations, etc. The third session will focus on how to obtain funding for your recovery project. In the next session we will discuss current techniques for locating the treasure shipwreck. The fifth session will address recovery procedures and techniques. And finally we will share how to document and preserve recoveries.

We will then take a lunch break for an hour and meet up at Capt. Slate's Scuba Adventures to hop aboard the dive boat and extend the classroom session out on to actual treasure shipwrecks from the 1733 fleet. The water in the tropical Keys is always warm and gin clear, so make sure to bring your cameras or

Carl Fismer 
Captain Carl Fismer
 underwater video equipment. After the interesting classroom sessions now we will extend it to exciting classroom sessions out on actual sunken treasure galleons from the 1700's. Here we will provide and actual hands on classroom session and discussion.

After returning to the dock we will meet up at a local restaurant/bar (TBD) to regal the adventures of our day, answer any questions, and have fun. We will also issue the certificates signed by both Captain Carl Fismer and Captain Bradley Williamson.


For more information contact:

Captain Bradley Williamson (561) 512-7486

Captain Carl Fismer (305) 924-0163


Bradley "Brad" Williamson - Adventurer, Explorer, Treasure Hunter and Scientist

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Treasure Brad Williamson Bradley Williamson at Sphinx in Egypt Underwater Archaeology Brad Williamson Bradley Williamson Brad Williamson Bradley Williamson underwater cannon Bradley Williamson recovered Treasure 
themed object

Bradley "Brad" Williamson - Adventurer, Explorer, Treasure Hunter and Scientist

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