Treasure Auction: Exciting Treasure Auction with Bradley Williamson

Last Wednesday was the famous Treasure Auction hosted by Dan Sedwick. In attendance were a lot of the famous treasure hunters (finders), including Bradley "Brad" Williamson. Also there was a large attendance by high net worth investors.


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Treasure Auction: Buried Treasures, Sunken Treasures, Rare Artifacts, etc.

News: Treasure Auction

Last Wednesday was the Treasure Auction in Orlando Florida. The auction was hosted by Dan Sedwick

Gold Bars and Jewelry at Treasure Auction
 Gold Bars and Jewelry from Shipwrecks at Treasure Auction 
 who regularly host treasure auctions over the internet. This was his first live auction and it attracted a lot of famous Treasure Hunters (Finders) along with a large group of high net worth investors. The auction lasted for several days and there was a lot of networking and socializing.

In attendance were some famous treasure hunters, Carl "Fizz" Fismer, Buddy Martin, Rodney Grambo, Kane Fisher and Bradley "Brad" Williamson, etc. This group alone is responsible for recovering treasure from around the globe. Just some of the shipwrecks they have salvaged are the Maravillias wreck (Bahamas), Concepcion wreck (Dominican Republic), Taj Mahal wreck (Indian Ocean), the 1622 Treasure Fleet (Dry Tortugas), the 1733 Treasure Fleet (the Florida Keys), the 1715 Treasure Fleet (South Florida), etc.

Also in attendance was Ernie Richards, owner and Editor in Chief of the periodical, Plus Ultra. This is a

Bradley Williamson, Carl Fismer, Buddy Martin 
Some of the successful Treasure Hunters (Finders) at the Treasure Auction. From Left to Right; Buddy Martin, Dave Crooks, Carl Fismer, Art Schweizer and Bradley "Brad" Williamson. 
highly recommended periodical. It contains clear succinct information regarding current events and projects in the fields of archaeology, treasure hunting and numismatics.

It was great to see some of the treasures which were being auctioned along with the price which they were being purchased at. This helps to give a current marked evaluation of the value of artifacts, gold coins, silver coins, jewelry, etc.

It was a great event and Bradley Williamson was there along with many of his close friends who are also successful Treasure Hunters (Finders).



Bradley "Brad" Williamson - Adventurer, Explorer, Treasure Hunter and Scientist

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Treasure Brad Williamson Bradley Williamson at Sphinx in Egypt Underwater Archaeology Brad Williamson Bradley Williamson Brad Williamson Bradley Williamson underwater cannon Bradley Williamson recovered Treasure 
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Bradley "Brad" Williamson - Adventurer, Explorer, Treasure Hunter and Scientist

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