April Newsletter - 1715 Treasure Fleet Expedition

Two of the most successful treasure hunters and legendary individuals, Bob "Frogfoot" Weller and Jack Haskins both had protégés whom they shared all their valuable knowledge and research, Captain Bradley "Brad" Williamson and Captain Carl "Fizz" Fismer. This season both Brad and Carl are working together on the famous 1715 Treasure Fleet.


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April - Update 1715 Treasure Fleet Expedition - 2014

This is going to be an exciting season! Bob “Frogfoot” Weller and Jack Haskins were two of the most

Image Bob Weller and Jack Haskins
Photo of the two legends, Bob Weller (Left) and Jack Haskins (Right).
 respected and successful treasure hunters (finders). I worked with Bob for over twenty years and Carl Fismer worked with Jack for over thirty years. This year Carl and I, along with Buddy Martin are coming together and working as a team. We are combining all the skills and knowledge which we learned from these two legends. Also I have Bob’s information and research on the 1715 Fleet and Carl has all of Jack’s excellent research and treasure targets for the 1715 Fleet.

We have several exciting targets which we will be focusing on. One of our primary targets will be a location where Carl Fismer and Jack Haskins were literally picking up gold coins just using their detectors and hand fanning. The area was a shallow area between two reefs and at the time they did not have the equipment to remove all the sand and rocks to get to the main deposit of the gold coins.

We now have the equipment to clear the sand and rocks from this area and recover the main deposit of gold coins. We also have several other exciting targets based on Bob’s and Jack’s research! Another one of our Treasure Targets is our “Secret Trail of Treasure” which only we know about and has already produced over 2,000 Silver Pieces of Eight and Numerous Gold Doubloons. Next we list several of our exciting treasure targets for this year. This is going to be the year and we will bring up a lot of treasure!

Treasure Targets for the 1715 Treasure Fleet - 2014

Image Treasure from 1715 Fleet
Image of some of the Treasure recovered in 2013 and there is still a huge amount of treasure to be found!
One of our “Treasure Targets” is a secret trail of treasure which only we know about and this trail has produced over 2,000 Silver Pieces of Eight and numerous Gold Doubloons and there is still a lot of treasure to be recovered from this
spot, much more than has been recovered so far. We will continue to follow this trail of treasure to main deposit of treasure!

Another of our “Treasure Targets” this year is our “Gold Doubloons Pocket”. We now have the equipment get into the shallow area between the two reefs to remove the sand and rocks to recover the main deposit of Gold Coins.

We have several other “Treasure Targets” to work including information basedQueen's Jewels
on the research from the two legends in the industry Bob Weller and Jack Haskins, which includes the TRUE manifest of two of the treasure wrecks, locations of Gold and Emeralds, a trail to the location of one of the 1715 Treasure Galleons which was carrying a documented


Current Status of 1715 Treasure Fleet 2014 Expedition

Our treasure recovery vessels are set and ready to go. We have a couple vessels including Carl’s 40 foot salvage vessel which will be our main support and recovery vessel. We currently have the best in marine electronics and underwater metal detectors, two air compressors which can support eight divers on the

Bow of Treasure Salvage Vessel
Mechanic Treasure Salvage Vessel
Top image is view of treasure salvage vessel, bottom image is mechanic inspecting engine on treasure salvage vessel
 bottom, several underwater scooters to carry divers and clear sand covering the treasure and artifacts, a special shallow water vessel equipped with a dredge and diver support system for working in the shallow reefs, etc.

We recently had a marine mechanic and marine electrician do a systems and engine check and all items checked out and all our vessels and equipment are functioning perfectly and we are ready to go. We are in the process of moving vessels and equipment to our recovery and operations base in Ft. Pierce, Florida.

This is will be a great year and dive season for us and we will find lots of treasure!

Treasure and Contact Information

To contact either Captain Bradley “Brad” Williamson or Captain Carl “Fizz” Fismer or to join us in our treasure recovery:

Brad (Phone) 561-512-7486 (Email)Brad@TreasureExpeditons.Com

Carl (Phone) 305-924-0163 (Email) CaptainFizz@Yahoo.Com

We still have a few offerings available at 10,000 per offering. These offerings are for the year 2014 and entitles the owner to 75% of our share of the treasure, based on the percentage of shares held. Also we encourage backers to come and view the operation and dive with us.


To View more info click on, 1715 Treasure Fleet


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Bradley "Brad" Williamson - Adventurer, Explorer, Treasure Hunter and Scientist

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