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This is My personal site (Bradley "Brad" Williamson - Adventurer, Explorer, Treasure Hunter and Scientist). I have traveled the globe from the Great Wall of China to the Pyramids of Egypt and I want to share these expeditions.

I have also searched for, located and recovered Sunken Treasure from numerous shipwrecks,  explored the legends of Pirate Treasure and even Lost Gold mines in the Superstition Mountains. My expeditions have been included in Books, Magazines and film and this is where I can share a "Behind the Scenes" look at these adventures and expeditions.


This Section includes photos and informationExpeditons Bradley Williamson about many of  my expeditions for Buried Pirate Treasure, Sunken Treasure, War Treasures, Inca Gold, Lost Egyptian Treasure and Lost Cites, etc.

Photo Gallery:

Photos from some of my Expeditions, AdventuresBradley Williamson Egypt and Quests for lost and Sunken Treasure. The photo is of me at the entrance to King Tut's tomb at the valley of the Kings in Egypt.



Public Service:

Captaining Research Vessels in the Gulf in responseNews Bradley Williamson to the Deep-water Horizon oil disaster and some of my other philanthropic endeavors to try to make the world a little better.


Life Motto:

Warrior Creed

bradley-williamson-logoWherever I go, everyone is a little bit safer because I am there. Wherever I am, anyone in need has a friend. Whenever I retun home, everyone is happy I am there.

Professor Humphrey

Life Motto:

Follow Your Dream

Bradley Williamson Logo"Follow Your Dream" was the motto of my adopted father and mentor and I continue to live by it. Insisto Vestri Somnium (Latin: Follow Your Dream)

Bob "Frogfoot" Weller

Life Motto:

Live Life - No Regrets

bradley-williamson-logoDon't Live in Fear. You have one chance at life so live it to the fullest.Sky Dive, Scuba Dive, Run with the Bulls, etc. Live Life - No Regrets

Bradley "Brad" Williamson

Bradley Williamson - Adventurer, Explorer, Treasure Hunter and Scientist

Recent Updates and Headlines

  bullet   Filming for TV show "Expedition Unknown" on The Travel Channel about Captain Kidd bullet Filming with Philippe Cousteau for New TV Show bulletSpeaker - Princess Cruise Lines bullet Future of Medicine Conference bulletLearn To Find Sunken Treasure and Dive on Two Spanish Treasure Galleons

I have been the Chief Executive Officer of several highly successful

Bradley Williamson
Getting ready to do a beach dive on a shipwreck containg sunken treasure.
companies and I am currently the Chief Executive Officer of Treasure Expeditions Inc with expeditions for lost and buried treasure around the globe. Treasure Expeditions Inc also has a produciton department providing videos of these expedions and also works with several production companies on TV shows currently airing on major networks during prime time. More info can be found at the website Treasure Expeditions, Also I have my my nonprofit research foundation Inmortalitatem Research Foundation. The foundation focuses on stem cell research, biochemical and biomedical research along with genetic engineering. More information is available at my Personal Facebook, Treasure Expeditions Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube Channels and Linked In sites.

In addition to running my companies, fliming, speaking, working towards my MD/PhD and my adventures and explorations I am happy to freely volunteer my time as a speaker and advocate for several nationally known and recognized non-profit organizations such as ARC. ARC is Advocates for the Rights of the Challenged, both physically and mentally challenged children and adults. I also volunteer my time and go unescorted into maximum security prisons and jails to talk with the inmates and share my experiences to try to get the inmates to turn their lives around.

I received my Bachelor of Arts and my areas of study were Business and Languages & Linguistics. The languages I studied were French, German, Spanish and primarily Japanese. I am also familiar with Mandarin Chinese and Arabic. During my college years I earned Honors and was awarded The National Deans List and was also a member of the National Honor Society and Charitable organization Phi Theta

Bradley Williamson
Me with an 80 pound silver bar recovered from a shipwreck. This photo was from one of my speaking events for charity - ARC (Advocates for the Rights of the Challenged)

Then I went to Washington D.C. and attended George Washington University to work on my MBA in International Business. I maintained a 4.0. However, I  realized my true passion was in medicine. So I changed directions and am now currently finishing up a degree in Biotechnology (Gentic Engineering), studying medicine and working towards my M.D./PhD.

I have also been lucky to have traveled extensively on many of my adventures, explorations and treasure expeditions. I have traveled from the Great Wall and the Forbidden City in China to the Sphinx and Pyramids in Egypt. This background has enabled me. to create, manage and successfully operate projects in any country or culture.

My diving background is pretty extensive. I have been certified and diving for over thirty years and currently hold dive certifications with the following dive agencies: PADI, NAUI, PDIC & SDI which include Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver, Dive Master, Dive Supervisor and Instructor. I am also certified in Nitrox through PADI, NAUI, PDIC and SDI. In addition I also obtained the status of a Master Diver with specialty

Bradley Williamson
One of my expeditions in Egypt in front of Sphinx and Pyramids.
 ratings in: Night Diving, Wreck Diving, Deep Diving, Equipment Specialist and Search& Recovery. Currently I am training in extreme deep water diving using Tirmix , and recently I did a cave dive to around 300 feet on mixed gas. I was blessed to do most of my dive training under US Navy Commander Bob Weller. Bob was one of the co-authors of the US Navy Dive manual which every dive agency such as PADI and NAUI based their dive programs. Also I trained under John Fine, one of the highest ranked and respected recreational divers in the US.

Also, I am a US Coast Guard Certified Captain with my six pack OUPV Coast Guard Captain's license and my 50 ton Master Captain's Coast Guard License. In addition I passed the FBI background security clearance and am under the Department of Homeland Security.

 Bob "Frogfoot" Weller is recognized as one of the highest regarded and extremely successful treasure hunters. I was blessed in that I trained under Bob for 20 years and was both his protege and "addopted" son. Bob was a Commander in the US Navy and was a

Gold and Emerald Cross
One of the many Treasures I've been luck to find, a Gold and Emerald Cross
 member of the famous UDT Team 1, which was the forerunner for today's Navy SEALs. Bob was also the author of numerous books and the magazine, Treasure Quest. I worked with Bob for over 20 years on many projects and recovered a multitude of treasure and valuable artifacts. Some of the shipwrecks that I have dived and recovered treasure from are: Nuestra Senora de la Regla(1715), Santo Cristo de San Roman(1715), Nuestra Senora de la Nieves(1715), Nuestra Senora del Carmen(1715), Nuestra Senora del Rosario(1715), San Martin(1618), Spring of Whitby(1824), Nuestra Senora de la Margarita(1622), Unknown Cannon Wreck(1715), Winchester(1695), San Jose(1733), Alligator(1822), Angustias(1733), Sueco de Arizon(1733), San Felipe(1733), Chaves(1733), El Infante(1733), San Francisco(1733), El Rubi(1733) and I was a member of the expedition to locate the San Fernando(1733), etc.

My adventures and explorations have taken me all over the globe pursing both buried and sunken treasure. Many of these explorations and adventures have been featured in both books and film.

Because of all of my expeditions and adventures I have been able to work with some great legends on their TV shows such as Josh Gates on his hit TV show, Expedition Unknown about Captain Kidd. And also Philippe Cousteau on his new TV show for the Travel Channel. Currenly I am even in talks right now with a couple networks regarding other possible filming oportunities.

Fools GoldI have even been called on a couple occasions to be an advisor for major motion pictures and recently worked with Warner Brothers on the extremely successful motion picture "Fool's Gold" which included the cast of Matthew McConaughey, Kate Hudson and Donald Sutherland. I addition I worked with National Geographic Magazine regarding a presentation they were doing on Shipwrecks, Treasure Hunting and Archaeological projects

Bradley Williamson
One of my expeditions in China and this was me at the Great Wall.
 around the world.

Some of the books which I've appeared are, Shipwrecks of Florida by Steve Singer, Galleon Alley by Bob Weller and Treasures of the Spanish Main by John Fine and numerous other books. My company and website TreasureExpeditions.Com was included in the New York Times Best Seller, Deep Blue by Kate Martin. My adventures and explorations have even been the subject matter of numerous periodicals, newspapers and magazines, such as Treasure Quest Magazine, Lost Treasures Magazine, Plus Ultra, Scuba News, Scuba Magazine, etc. and amazingly ive even been followed internationally and appeared in periodicals such as the national newspaper of Spain.

Some of my hobbies include sky diving, snow skiing, jogging, scuba diving, weight training, reading, mountain climbing, playing the guitar and marital arts. Currently I train several days a week for several hours a day in the art of Krav Maga, the combat art of Israel's IDF and Massad agents and the preferred combat art of the CIA, NSA, US Air Marshals and all the special ops units such as the Navy Seals and counter-terror units.

Sometimes I've been contracted and requested to oversee and manage local and international recovery projects. Because of this I have been in charge of numerous extremely successful treasure hunting, shipwreck recovery and private sector archaeological projects. I alway make sure that all of the projects I am involved in are always held to the highest marine and land archaeological standards.

Bradley Williamson
For this dive I used four tanks of mixed gas for a 300 foot cave dive.
Recenlty I have often been requested as speaker. Currently I am contracted for numerous speaking engagements about some of my many successful adventures and quests for Lost Treasure, Sunken Treasure and Archaeological projects. In addition I am also often requested as an inspirational speaker recounting his triumph overcoming a tragic childhood, trouble with the law in his early years, and numerous other challenges. I was able to take control of my life and turn it around and I became a college graduate with honors, world traveler and adventurer, successful treasure hunter (finder), successful business owner, writer, speaker, subject of TV shows, creator and owner of several non-profit organization for the benefit of children, etc. and most importantly the father of a great boy who is in honors in all of his classes and is also a very caring and compasionate person. (Yep, I'm definatly a proud father). I hope I can bring some happyness to everyone and inspire others to achieve their dreams.


Bradley "Brad" Williamson - Adventurer, Explorer, Treasure Hunter and Scientist

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Bradley "Brad" Williamson - Adventurer, Explorer, Treasure Hunter and Scientist